Recipes: Bhomma dosa/ Tiny dosa roundels – (FUN FOOD -1)

Post On: 29 June 2013
June 29, 2013

This Bhomma dosa/ Tiny dosa roundels – (FUN FOOD -1) full of health food and full of health recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we goal we will suffer this Bhomma dosa/ Tiny dosa roundels – (FUN FOOD -1) on food full of health recipe blog.

    It was  during one of the vacations which my aunty finished  these good mini dosas  for varsha.  She was soo gay to find a new variation, in wholly kiddy character and ate some-more than she could have.  From which day onwards compartment now, she regularly says, ‘ ma, i wish bomma dosa plz’

 The usually order for the dosa here, is which beat is approaching to be somewhat thicker coherence so which fascinating figure is met.  I mostly have them with idly batter.  Making this is really elementary too, with some-more rehearse and calm we can try out assorted shapes, and at the sametime try many toppings, many of which might be full of health too.  So let us take an discerning glance…..

If we could closely follow collage in crooked form, the idly beat is spooned over really little, round form over prohibited tawa.  Afterwhich,  some charming unfeeling commanding is spooned (I used grated carrots and open onions immature part).  Some  pressing  with back of ladle is additionally finished so which the commanding is strongly bonded.  Later they have been lonesome by a lid and baked compartment the dosas have been done. 
  •  You can shift the filling, replacing any unfeeling similar to mushroom/paneer/dry fruits/fresh fruits/nuts etc.  
  • You can additionally sandwich one dosa in to an additional with a bit of grated cheese on center to prove cheesy direct of your kids.
  • This delectable chronicle can be served with chopped tomatoes sauce/green chutney/mayo

And the second honeyed chronicle is the genuine ‘fun part’ of this dosa. we attempted an teddy bear figure on tawa and bedecked them with gems cookies.  
  • This approach we can additionally try opposite shapes similar to clouds, sun, pokeman etc, depending on ur kid’s preference
  • Some tantalizing something good to eat similar to tutti-fruitty, jujube, orange sweets can additionally be used for decoration, some-more charming they demeanour some-more mouth-watering demeanour for kids
  • Best served with chocolate sauce/Nutella
  • You can additionally goal for Malpua on tawa, very wet some-more oil than it would take for mini dosa, follow ornament and soak in prohibited sugarine syrup n serve.
They can additionally be packaged on lunch-box.  I am certain which ur kids would luv to have this ‘n’ series of dosa platters.  I, additionally goal which this can be an wily provide for quiescent week-end.  And additionally  for kids wearied with unchanging dosas.  Do try and we additionally acquire any suggestions to the same.  

Happy read Bhomma dosa/ Tiny dosa roundels – (FUN FOOD -1) recipes, and suffer food and splash picture strange here: Tasty food recipes

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