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July 22, 2013

This Tuna salad recipe. full of health food and full of health recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we goal we will suffer this Tuna salad recipe. on food full of health recipe blog.

8 lettuce leaves
2 middle tomatoes sliced or chopped
2 middle cucumbers sliced or chopped
1 tiny brownish-red onion, sliced in to skinny slivers
few sprigs of dill, finely chopped (not necessarily)
Salt  (lemon extract optional)
Freshly belligerent black pepper
1 large can (around 185 g) of tuna in olive oil
Cut lettuce leaves in to middle pieces and put in a large bowl.
Add the rest vegetables and tuna, non drained, together with oil from can.
Sprinkle with salt and peppers to taste, and brew all together.
Serve with your prime bread or without.

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