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June 21, 2013
This Cooking with Diamonds with Swiss Diamond and a fanciful Giveaway! full of health food and full of health recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we goal we will suffer this Cooking with Diamonds with Swiss Diamond and a fanciful Giveaway! on food full of health recipe blog.

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I was not long ago since the event to exam and examination with a peculiarity non-stick saute pan from the Swiss Diamond people.  One of the best things about being a food blogger is the privilidge we have of removing to put these things by their paces,  and afterwards stating to you, my true readers, all about my experience.  we honour myself on being honest with we any time.  So distant we have been unequivocally propitious in which we have overtly enjoyed roughly all we have been sent, and we am utterly happy to contend which we am still enjoying this experience!!
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About a week and a half ago we perceived this pleasing 5.8 QT initiation saute pan in the post and we have been using it any possibility we get.   At initial we was a bit intimidated by the size, though we fast got to grips with that!  we hadn’t satisfied it would be as vast as it was, though . . . it’s essentially come in rsther than handy!

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It is a full twelve 1/2 inches in hole and 3 inches deep, which creates it undiluted for those times when we have been carrying people over and have a lot to cook.  It additionally creates it good for in progress pot roasts, soups and stews.  The immaculate steel hoop equates to it can go in to the oven as well.

Swiss Diamond Cookware utilizes a law solid reinforced non-stick in progress surface, which creates for an glorious non-stick performance.  Utilizing the earthy properties of both diamonds and law nonstick components, their law coated pans have a couple of features which we will not find in any other nonstick cookware.

From their page:

We use diamonds for 3 reasons:
  1. Exceptional Hardness – Diamonds, when interconnected with the singular cloaking formula, emanate a permanent cloaking which will final for most years.
  2. Superior Heat Conduction – Diamonds control feverishness improved than any metal, permitting the cookware to brown and flare food for a tasty exterior.
  3. Natural Nonstick Qualities – Diamonds have been intrinsically smooth, contributing to the coating’s capability to recover food simply to safety delicate dishes and have clean-up a breeze. No need to supplement oil for in progress – usually use a preheated pan over medium-high heat.

The ideally prosaic bottom creates them undiluted for use on all kinds of hobs . . . ceramic, gas, electric.  They have been additionally protected for use in the oven for up to 260*C/500*F, which is flattering hot!

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They have thick bases for even feverishness conduction, expel aluminum construction  which is on trial not to warp.  They have been secure giveaway as well, so there have been nasty tiny spots to pick up germs and bacteria, and best of all they have been dishwasher safe!  You additionally do not have to buy any special utensils to use with them as the solid cloaking creates them protected to use with both steel and cosmetic utensils.

Mine came with a steel rimmed, gradual potion cover with an tractable opening built in to the knob. 

I have used my pan in a accumulation of ways over this past week and a half (see below) and was equates to to cut approach down on the volume of fat which we would routinely use in in progress and zero stuck.  Seriously . . . zero stranded at all.   It’s additionally been a genuine zephyr to purify up.  The one we got is a vast vast for my slim line dish washer, though which isn’t a complaint as literally nothing has stranded to it.   It’s exhilarated up fast and hold the feverishness ideally and evenly.   Another thing we have been proposal with is which we have been equates to to cook both fish and curry in it, and the stronger flavours have not eliminated themselves to the pan as is so mostly the box with cheaper nonstick pans.  There is zero worse than in progress pancakes in a pan usually to find when we go to eat them which there is the gloomy ambience of salmon in them . . . ’nuff said!

I am good proposal and it has spin my new prime pan!  we am asking Todd to get me a not as vast one for Yuletide year, as we am usually in love  with the peculiarity and opening of this cookware.  So most so which we give them a 10+ out of 10 and will utterly happily flare out a tiny of my own income to get a not as vast one!  It’s income good outlayed in my honest opinion!

Here have been a couple of of the things which we have baked in my pan over the final week or so.

*Salmon Fillets with Cucumber and Dill*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Cucumber, dill and Salmon go so unequivocally good together.  A good light meal with smashing flavours.

4 vast salmon fillets, about 1 in. thick and weighing about 6 ounces each
fine sea salt and creatively ground black peppers to taste
a bit of olive oil (I didn’t use any in this pan and it worked a charm)
1/4 cup dry white wine

For the cucumber salad:
1 english cucumber
1 TBS rice wine vinegar
1 tsp uninformed chopped dill weed
a dash of salt

For the immature cream sauce:
6 TBS immature cream
2 TBS uninformed chopped dill weed
2 TBS rice wine vinegar
1 1/2 TBS finely chopped shallot
1/4 tsp creatively grated lemon zest
2 tsp uninformed lemon juice
1 clove of garlic, peeled and minced
fine sea salt and creatively ground black peppers to taste

First have the sauce.  Whisk together the immature cream, dillweed, vinegar, shallots, lemon zest  and juice, and garlic.  Season to ambience and set aside.

To have the cucumber salad, trim the ends off the cucumber.  Using a unfeeling peeler, trim in length in to ribbons.  Place in to a bowl.  Toss together with the superfluous ingredients and set in reserve to marinate whilst we cook the salmon.

Season the salmon good on the strength side.  Heat a bit of olive oil in a vast nonstick frying pan until hot.  Add the fillets, display side down, and cook for 3 minutes, though disturbing.  Carefully spin the salmon over and cook for an one some-more minute.  Remove from the heat.  Add the wine, afterwards cover and concede to lay until the salmon flakes simply with a fork, about 3 minutes.

Divide the cucumber salad amongst 4 plates.  Top any with 1 salmon fillet.  Divide the immature cream salsa uniformly amongst any portion and offer immediately. 

Small  baby potatoes, unpeeled and steamed until tender, go unequivocally good with this!


 *Simple Pan Fried Haddock*
Serves 2
Printable Recipe

Quick to cook and oh so easy and delicious.  We both unequivocally suffer this!

2 boneless, skinless haddock loins
sea salt and creatively ground black pepper
2 TBS flour
a doorknob of butter  (I usually indispensable a unequivocally tiny doorknob of butter.  You could substantially get away
with none, though the butter unequivocally adds to the essence of this recipe)
several sprigs of uninformed thyme
the juice of one lemon

Season your Haddock filets good on both sides afterwards shower with flour to coat, patting it simply in to the flesh.  Set aside.  Melt a doorknob of butter over center tall feverishness in a skillet until it starts to foam.  Add the springs of thyme and afterwards brown the Haddock fillets, starting with the display side, and afterwards branch them after about 2 minutes.  They should usually take about 2 mins per side to cook through, depending on the density of your fillets.  After we have baked both sides, fist the juice of a lemon over all and concede it to burble up.  Remove from the feverishness and let mount for multiform mins prior to serving.  Delicious!

*Potato Pancakes*
Makes about 10
Printable Recipe

These have been easy to have and so delicious! You can discuss it from the douse splattered square of paper I’ve got it created down on which it’s a winner, though don’t take my word for it. Try them for yourself! We similar to to have them with applesauce and immature cream, with a couple of chives sprinkled on top, though we can have them with whatever strikes your fancy.

3 cups proposal potato, peeled and finely grated
2 eggs, good beaten
1 tsp salt
2 TBS solid flour
2 TBS grated onion
Sunflower oil for frying (I usually used a light spritz)

Grate your potatoes and fist as most glass from them as we can, operative fast so which the potatoes don’t spin brown. Put in to a play along with the superfluous ingredients, blending well.

Heat a skillet to center hot, and douse good with a tiny oil. we supplement about 3 TBS and whirl it around.

Once the oil is hot, dump the kick by tablespoonsful onto the hot skillet. Press with the back of the spoon to squash a bit. Fry for about 3 mins on any side until browned. Place in a low oven to keep comfortable whilst we grill the rest.

Serve hot with applesauce and immature cream. Delicious!


*Boeuf Bourguignon*
Serves 6
Printable Recipe

A whim beef meal which hails from the south of France. Plan forward as we need to have it the day prior to we instruct to eat it.

1 3/4 pounds of braising beef or steak
3 TBS olive oil  (I used half the volume with this pan)
1/2 cup cubed pancetta
3 onions, peeled and finely chopped
2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled and minced
1 1/2 TBS solid flour
1 3/4 cups of full bodied red wine, and an additional dash if need be
(I routinely use a Shiraz)
a fragrance garni (A couple of springs of thyme, a brook root and a couple of parsley stalks
tied together)
2 TBS butter  (Only used one TBS, again for the flavour)
1/2 bruise of reddish-brown mushrooms, spotless and halved
2 TBS finely chopped uninformed prosaic root parsley
sea salt and creatively ground black peppers to taste

Pat the meat dry. Trim well, dispatch any sinew or additional fat. Cut in to vast chunks. Heat 1 TBS of oil in a dutch oven and brown the pancetta lightly. Remove with a slotted spoon to a play and set aside. Brown the meat in dual batches in the fat which stays in the pan. Once browned dip out and supplement to the pancetta, once again environment it aside. Add the superfluous oil and grill the onion in it unequivocally slowly, covering the pan, until unequivocally soft and caramelized, about twenty-five mins in time, stirring spasmodic and adding the garlic to the reduction median by the in progress time. Stir the flour in to the onions and cook for about a minute, afterwards supplement the wine and move to the boil, stirring. Add the meat and pancetta, along with the fragrance garni and move back to the boil, afterwards revoke the feverishness to a delayed cook and cook, covered, over unequivocally low feverishness until the meat is tender, about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Turn off the feverishness and leave the meal overnight. Next day move the dish back to the boil, afterwards spin the feverishness down and simmer. Melt the butter in a skillet. Add the mushrooms and grill until simply browned. Tip them in to the meal and concede to cook for an additional fifteen mins or so. Season the meal with a tiny salt and black peppers to ambience and, if we consider it needs it, an additional dash of wine. Sprinkle with the parsley to serve.

Serve hot with a tiny crushed potatoes on the side. Delicious!


*Sautéed Chicken Curry*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe
I adore in progress with chicken breasts. They can happily accept most flavours and we adore entrance up with new ways of preparation. we consider this is a tasty examination of cave which we will be repeating often! You needn’t offer this curry with anything some-more than a tiny solid steamed basmati rice, and may be a steamed immature unfeeling on the side. It unequivocally is delicious!

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
Salt and creatively ground black pepper
1 TBS butter  ( we used half this volume and half of the compulsory oil as well)
2 TBS olive oil
1 vast onion, diced
2 fat cloves garlic, minced
1 TBS curry powder (I use a center strength)
1 TBS peeled and grated uninformed gingerroot
The grated liking and juice of 1 vast orange
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 cup hot chicken broth
2 heaping TBS mango chutney
1 TBS chopped uninformed coriander (cilantro)
1 TBS chopped uninformed mint
½ cup simply toasted cashew nuts

Thinly cut the chicken breasts in length and afterwards again in half so which we finish up with 4 skinny pieces from each. Season good with salt and pepper.

Heat the oil and butter in a vast skillet over center tall feverishness until hot and the butter sizzles. Toss in the chicken pieces and brown them good on both sides. Remove to a image and cover to keep warm.

Reducing the feverishness sauté the onion, stirring until proposal and translucent. Thisshould take 3 to 4 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for about a notation longer, receiving caring not to brown it as this creates it bitter. Add the curry powder, orange zest, ginger and orange juice, stirring to throw up the brown pieces from the bottom of the skillet. Add the coconut milk and chicken gas and move to a boil. Boil for a couple of mins to revoke rsther than and afterwards lapse the chicken to the pan, simmering for 3 mins or so to cook through. Stir in the chutney and shower with the coriander, packet and cashew nuts prior to serving.

Serve hot with a tiny steamed or pilau rice on the side and a tiny naan bread to incorporate up all which poetic sauce.

*Anthony’s Favourite Fly-Off-The-Plate Pancakes*
Family distance (must meant at slightest 4 or 5 people)

Printable Recipe

This is an additional oldie from my vast blue binder. In the volume area it usually says family distance so we take it to meant which equates to a lot, since we had a rsther than vast family. My Anthony desired these and for good reason. They have been utterly simply delicious. The further of immature cream gives them a smashing tenderness. we regularly made them china dollar distance when we was creation these. we consider he prime them which approach since he could get a total one in to his mouth at one time, we know how boys are! Break out the butter and Maple Syrup, you’re in for a genuine ambience treat today!

2 cups solid flour
¼ tsp salt
2 TBS white sugar
6 tsp baking powder
2 vast giveaway range eggs
2 cups milk
5 TBS immature cream
4 TBS melted butter
Oil for frying (I usually simply spritzed with oil)

Whisk together the flour, salt, sugarine and baking powder in a vast bowl. Put the eggs, milk, immature cream and melted butter in to a vast beaker and drive them together well. Make a good in themiddle of the dry ingredients and flow in the soppy ingredients all at once. Whisk together energetically until they have a well-spoken batter.

Heat a vast non-stick skillet or roaster over center tall heat. Grease simply with a tiny bit of oil, swirling it to simply cloak the bottom of the pan. Drop the pancake kick onto the exhilarated pan or roaster in heaping tablespoonfuls. Cook over center tall feverishness until the aspect is coated with tiny froth and the underside is simply browned prior to flipping them over to cook and brown the other side. Remove to a image and keep comfortable in the oven whilst we have been in progress the rest, using up all the batter. Serve comfortable with knobs of ice cold butter on tip and sweet lashings of Maple Syrup.

These solidify unequivocally well. Just cocktail them between layers of douse explanation paper and cocktail them in to a zip close baggie. You can afterwards take out as most or as couple of as we instruct at any since time, warming them up for a couple of seconds in the microwave.

PS – You can unequivocally simply cut this recipe in dual if we do not instruct to have utterly so many. we did.

*Jammy Breakfast Sandwiches*
Serves 4
Printable Recipe

Quick, tasty and different! A hot eggy bread sandwich filled with poetic meltingly abounding cream cheese and sweet jam, all brown and butterly crunchy on the outward and dusted with caster sugar. Quite simply, poetic . . .

3 vast eggs
1 TBS of caster sugar
2 TBS total milk
A couple of drops of pristine vanilla essence
8 slices of brioche
4 heaping TBS of your prime essence of jam
4 heaping TBS of cream cheese
A vast doorknob of butter for cooking
More caster sugarine for sprinkling

Lightly kick together the eggs, caster sugar, milk and vanilla in a shoal dish vast sufficient to fit the bread slices into.

Open the slices of bread and widespread the cream cheese on half of them and the jam on the other half. Put them together cheese sides to jam sides in the middle, dire resolutely so which they hang resolutely together.

Melt the butter over center low feverishness in a vast skillet until it is foaming. Soak any sandwich in the knocked about egg reduction until all the egg has been absorbed, permitting them to soak on both sides. Place the dripping sandwiches in to the foaming butter and grill for one to dual mins on any side until golden brown and crusty all over, adding some-more butter as necessary.

Remove to comfortable plates and cut in to fingers. Dust simply with caster sugarine to offer and enjoy!

Swiss Diamond pans have been accessible at the Swiss Diamond Online Store.   we instruct to appreciate them unequivocally most for promulgation me this poetic pan.  we can contend in all probity which it is the nicest pan we have ever had the arise to cook with.   Thank we Swiss Diamond!

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The Swiss Diamond people have been so good which they have been starting to give one of their lovely 5.5 litre Induction Saute Pans divided to one of the readers here at The English Kitchen, value £169.  To get in on the giveaway greatfully sign up to follow them on their facebook page, and afterwards come back here and leave a criticism revelation me we have finished so!  Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to readers who reside in the UK at this time.  we instruct it could be all of you! Only one entrance per chairman please.

You have until midnight on Jun 30th to sign up for this giveaway.   A propitious leader will be picked from all of the entries on the 1st of July!  This is a unequivocally good prize.  Thanks so most to Swiss Diamond!

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