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January 6, 2013

This Cherry and Almond Scones full of health food and full of health recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we goal we will suffer this Cherry and Almond Scones on food full of health recipe blog.

Hands up if up if we have been not overly lustful of Jan and already in need of a bit of a collect up!  Me too!   I’ve been boring along with this decaying cold/sinus infection/chest infection . . . . and feeling blah given prior to Christmas.  Yuletide Dinner was a rinse out . . . couldn’t ambience a thing.  Likewise New Years . . . we am some-more than ready for a pick-me -up!


I saw an essay in one of my ultimate month’s food magazines, where they were articulate about carrying a Duvet Day as a Jan Pick Me Up.  we consider by that they meant a day when we usually laze around and eat zero though junk and stuff, in your jim jams, examination cheesy drive-in theatre and stuff.   we totaled up all the calories for what they were suggesting that a chairman gulp for the day and it was outrageous!


Breakfast Sandwich 563 cals. Bloody Mary 128 cals.  Teatime Treat Cake 352 cals, Creamy Hot Chocolate 293 cals.  Movie Snack of Honeycomb, Pancetta and Maple Popcorn  431 cals.  (All of this is per portion folks!)  All surfaced off with a takeaway take a break of homemade  wings 450cals,  Spiced Wedges 299 cals,  Sticky Ribs 571 cals, and Red Cabbage Slaw at 248 cals . . . They can’t be critical can they???  Or can they???  The thoughts boggles.


Kind of creates the calorie equate of one of these juicy scones with a little thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk cream and jam appear rsther than full of health in some-more aged . . .  duvet or no duvet . . .


In any box . . . these positively were a pick-me-up.  Is it feed a heat starve a cold?  Or is it starve a fever, feed a cold.  we do not know.   we usually know for certain that we am about fed up to the eyeballs with coughing my courage out . . .

These done a good shift . . . a tiny lenience but starting over the top.


 *Cherry Almond Scones*
Makes 8
Printable Recipe

Beautifully  abounding and flaky scones, stogged full of candied cherries and poetic flavours of vanilla and almond.  The flaked almonds that have been oven baked on tip give them a poetic crunch.

2 cups solid flour (200g)
1/3 crater caster sugarine (65g)
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 crater cold butter (75g)
2/3 crater defeat thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk cream (156ml)
1 vast giveaway operation egg, easily beaten
1 tsp pristine almond extract
1 tsp pristine vanilla extract
1 crater candied cherries, washed, dusty and cut in to buliding (200g tub)
flaked almonds and thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk cream to finish

Preheat the oven to 200*C/400*F/ gas symbol 6.  Line a baking piece with vellum paper.  Set aside.

Sift the flour in to a play along with the sugar, baking powder and salt.  Drop in the butter, cut in to bits.  Rub the butter in with your finger tips until the reduction resembles excellent bread crumbs.   Stir in the cherries.   Whisk together the cream, egg and extracts.   Stir the soppy reduction in to the dry reduction with a fork.  The reduction will be really sticky.  Tip out onto a floured board.  Knead multiform times with floured hands to move together.  Pat out to 1 in. thickness.  Cut in to rounds with a pointy turn cutter, 3 inches in diameter., regulating a pointy up and down tap.  Do not twist.

Place rounds onto the rebuilt baking sheet.  Brush the tops with some-more thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk cream and shower with flaked almonds.  Bake for eighteen to twenty-two mins until good risen and golden brown.  Scoop off onto a handle shelve to cool.   Dust with topping sugarine to offer if desired.   Delicious separate and served with clotted thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk thickk cream and preserves.
Happy read Cherry and Almond Scones recipes, and suffer food and splash picture strange here: The English Kitchen

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