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December 5, 2012
This How not to have a Gingerbread Cookie Tree full of health food and full of health recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we goal we will suffer this How not to have a Gingerbread Cookie Tree on food full of health recipe blog.

Last week we got sent the cutest thing in the post.  That is one of the plus’s of carrying a food blog.  You get to try out new things.  It was a Gingerbread Yuletide Tree Kit from Waitrose and the plea to emanate a tree special sufficient to be put onto their Facebook page.


Isn’t which usually the cutest thing we have ever seen???  we suspicion so too.  They additionally sent me a tiny extra’s to use to skirt it up unequivocally additional special . . .

Gold succulent glitter, china pearls and a tiny ready to hurl white fondant icing.  Hmmm . . . not certain about the fondant icing.  we am not a fondant air blower . . . yet we am a flicker gal so the other things looked utterly promising.

Essentially the kit had all in it we indispensable to build your unequivocally own Gingerbread Cookie Yuletide Tree . . . white icing, immature icing, gingerbread dough, immature sparkles and a stout carboard template to use to cut out the gingerbread with.

Now folks . . . we have a confession.  When my young kids were flourishing up we used to emanate a pleasing Gingerbread origination for them any year during the month of December.  Sometimes they were simple, infrequently they were incredibly complicated, regularly they were fun.   we enjoyed creation them, the kids enjoyed eating them . . . it was a win/win incident all round!

One year we made a residence which was literally lonesome with any sort of candy we could suppose . . . candy which left on a any day basis, yet which we never saw any one receiving or eating . . . however there was one of my young kids who flattering many sat on tip of it any day, so we had a flattering great idea of who was the culprit!


Who me???

Anyways, we was unequivocally seeking brazen to creation this gingerbread cookie tree.    we suspicion we had read all on the back of the package which we was ostensible to do, and so we kneaded the mix to have it soft . . . it did take a lot of kneading, yet we got there in the end.  we found the card template a bit irritating . . . yet that’s since we am a tiny bit quiescent and we didn’t similar to carrying to stop and keep slicing the stars down as we went along . . . there was a lot of rolling, and re-rolling and cutting.

They all fit onto my lined cookie piece yet so which was good.  we had a large clump of mix leftover, so we cut out a couple of gingerbread snowmen, which we programmed on sitting around the bottom coz . . . well, this is The English Kitchen and my Gingerbread Yuletide Tree was usually starting to be the best ever do not we know!  It smelled celestial when it was baking.  BOY!!  If this tasted even half as great as it smelled, it was starting to be fabulous!

Mistake one.  Don’t ever certitude the timings on a package of anything.  Always check earlier than we consider they will be done.  Mine finished up a tad bit on the burnt dim side.  Obviously my oven runs a bit hotter than normal.  (I contingency get which checked out!)

There is an aged observant about Pride starting prior to the tumble .  .  . tis so true.  we oven baked all the biscuits on one day, and afterwards since the light was vanishing and we similar to to do all my photography in healthy light . . . we motionless to wait for until currently to put it together.

The topping was unequivocally hard to fist out of the topping bags . . . and we have to contend in all honesty, it was a bit on the meagre side.  If we devise on creation this tree, I’d devise on creation additional icing.  we didn’t, and found myself panicking a tiny bit since we felt we was starting to run out and so we was being a genuine miser with it on any star.  But that’s not the misfortune of it . . .

Remember which great clump of mix we had leftover and made gingerbread snowmen with?  Well . . . we didn’t read the instructions on the back of the box scrupulously . . . we was ostensible to use which to cut out a total garland of additional tiny stars to put between the star layers.  DOH!!

I motionless to improvise and cut up a digestive biscuit cake thing we had in to slices and place the slices in between the layers.

See which hand in the on top of picture.  we consider my tree fell over about a dozen times . . . the makeshift layers usually didn’t cut the mustard.  That is Todd perplexing to reason it up so we can get a print of it.

It didn’t work . . . waaahhh!!!  That will learn me to not read the instructions scrupulously prior to we do something.


As we can see the sliced digestive cake things usually did not work unequivocally great at all . . . boo hoo . . .
I finished up stealing them exactly and usually layering the stars together though anything in between . . .


This essentially worked utterly great . . . even if by then, carrying depressed over some-more than once or twice and being pried detached my tree looked a bit more than worse for the wear!

Perfectly edible, nonetheless . . . yet . . .  let’s be honest here.  It’s not starting to be winning any Prizes we do not consider . . . great not unless they give one for the many miserable seeking tree!!

Sometimes we usually have to laugh, and get on with it, and giggle we did.

Many interjection to Waitrose for promulgation me their kit.  we consider this would be a fun wake up to do with the kids during the days in the run up to Christmas.  A lot of great family party for usually a fiver, and utterly tasty as well.  My letter of reference . . . read the instructions entirely prior to making! (A great cook should unequivocally know which do not we think?  we am humbled.)

Waitrose Yuletide Gingerbread  Tree Kit
£5 at Waitrose shops all over the UK

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