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The people from the Baked & Delicious kitchen recently sent me their special Spring Issue to review. As you know, I’ve been a big fan of Baked & Delicious since the beginning, and so I was quite happy to give this a try out.

Eash issue of Baked & Delicious comes with it’s own set of silicone bakeware, which you can use to bake at least some of the recipes that are in that particular issue, and this special issue is no different. It comes with some really cute silicone moulds which are bunnies, eggs and chicks, just in time for Easter.

In fact the cover shows a beautiful way of using them . . . for a spectacular Easter cake, complete with chocolate trimmings made using these molds.

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There are some very delicious recipes included, such as the above cake, some Happy Chick Biscuits, Torta alla Pasqualina, Greek Easter Breads, Russian Kulich, etc. as well as this lovely looking Iced Ricotta pie. (I plan on making this one for Easter Lunch for dessert!)

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As always, each recipe is accompanied with fabulous step by step instructions . . . so even if you are not the most experienced baker, you can be assured that you will be able to execute the recipe perfectly. In truth, any recipe I have ever baked from any of these magazines, has always turned out perfectly.

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To make this Easter/spring special magazine better there is also a competition where the prize is a professional cupcake decorating and chocolate martini class in London. Here is the link for the comp with the details, Baked & Delicious competition.

Baked & Delicious Spring Special, a new oneshot from Eaglemoss Publications, goes on sale 15 March, priced £8.99.

I was going to wait to post this until I had actually baked something from it, as I do like to show some of the recipes, but I was running out of time before Easter and since most of the recipes in this issue pertain to Easter I did want you to have a chance to pick it up in time!

Many thanks to everyone at Eaglemoss and the Baked & Delicious kitchen for sending me this lovely special mag to try out!

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Happy read Baked & Delicious Spring original here: The English Kitchen

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