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My Top of the Pop’s (Dinner wise that is!) healthy food and healthy recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we hope you will enjoy this My Top of the Pop’s (Dinner wise that is!) on food healthy recipe blog.

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Wahhh . . . gas works are still ongoing here at Casa de Rayner, and so once again no cooking going on. Sigh . . . sad but true. We did have a tasty fry up at a cafe this morning . . . but other than that we’ve only eaten fruit and cereal today. I think it will be toast and jam for tea, but that’s always good and something we both like. After the fry up, something simple and non-fattening is in order!

I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my top of the pop’s main dish recipes. These are the dishes that I cook again and again. I can see that comfort food plays a very big part . . . hmmm . . . I wonder what that says about me??? Sometimes it’s nice to do a review of things . . . I think so at any rate. ☺

75cc3  fish006 1 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

What can I say. I’ve always been a big fan of Fish & Chips. I think they taste better in the North West as compared to the ones we used to get in the South, and you can’t go to the seaside without having them. Preferably eaten on the pier, looking out to sea and doused in salt and malt vinegar. Of course, making them at home is best of all.

75cc3  SDC18765 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Cottage Pie with Potato Cobbles

Cottage Pie is a real favourite with my meat and potatoes loving husband and he especially loved this version I made using extra lean beef mince . . . lots of onions, leeks and tasty carrots, swede and peas, all in a rich gravy and topped with lovely potato cobbles and cheese.

75cc3  SDC10819 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Sticky Bangers with Buttermilk and Chive Mash

There is nothing tastier or more beautiful than a good Butcher’s pork Banger . . . and when you combine them with a sticky fruity glaze and some rich buttermilk and chive mashed spuds you have something that is very special indeed!

6cb8e  macaronishepherdspie7 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Macaroni Shepherd’s Pie

Double the pleasure and comfort with your favourite lamb and veg filling topped with luciously rich macaroni and cheese. What more could anyone want! Different, easy and oh so tasty!

6cb8e  PerfectRoastBeef2 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Perfectly Cooked Roast Beef

We have some of the best beef in the world here in the UK, and with my foolproof way to cook it, you are guarenteed to have a delicious roast beef dinner every single time. Tasty, tender and succulent. I like a standing rib roast best of all, but this method will work with any roasting cut. I guarantee!

6cb8e  RoastChicken001 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Simple Pot Roasted Chicken

A deliciously moist pot roasted chicken served with plenty of veg and a tasty au jus. Heartily approved by my “Mr Darcy!” It may not look like much but it is really tender and moist. We like it with roasted potatoes, sprouts and mashed carrots and parsnips. Who doesn’t love a tasty roast chicken and this, in my humble opinion, is one of the very best recipes ever!

6cb8e  fishcakes002 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Cod Fish Cakes and Tartar Sauce

Moist fish cakes, crisp on the outside and with no fillers, flavoured with fresh tarragon and served with a delicious homemade horseradish tartar sauce. This is one of our all time favourites, and so much tastier than those frozen fish cakes you buy in the shops.

d474c  hotpotplate Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Lancashire Hot Pot

British Tradition at it’s very best. This is the good, old fashioned, stodge which never fails to please. Simple flavours, beautifully put together. This is what the UK is all about.

d474c  Chilispaghetti015 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Not Your Mama’s Spag Bol

Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the UK’s most beloved dishes and makes weekly appearances in a lot of homes over here. My husband hates pasta . . . he’s very old fashioned in that way, having been brought up during the war. Pasta is foreign food to him and he really prefers traditional dishes. He does like this though . . . as long as I spoon it over mash. I think everyone over here has their own “secret” recipe for Spag Bol. This is mine. It’s a cross between Spag Bol and Chili, and quite, quite delicious if I don’t say so myself!!

d474c  SDC12276 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Chicken Curry with Rice

You just can’t beat a good curry and I do believe that curry has overtaken just about every dish as Britain’s favourite dish, even Roast Beef. (Although I do have to say we do love our Roast Dinners with a passion!) I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to curry . . . preferring mine a bit on the milder side, but loving it all the same. Chicken or lamb . . . fish or vegetable. Curry is one of our favourites. This is a lovely low fat one with a beautiful addition of spinach for added colour, texture and flavour. (We like Green Thai Curry as well!

a755b  amildlambcurry4 Food: My Top of the Pops (Dinner wise that is!)

Pssstt!! We also love a really good Lamb Curry as well. This particular recipe is very good indeed.

I just noticed something is glaringly absent here . . . a Tasty Fish Pie. Time to remedy that. Look for one soon!!!

Up next, my round up of my top ten favourite British Puds!

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