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January 28, 2012

My Top of the Pop’s (Dinner correct which is!) full of health food and full of health recipes. Here food recipe is delicious, we goal we will suffer this My Top of the Pop’s (Dinner correct which is!) on food full of health recipe blog.

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Wahhh . . . gas functions have been still ongoing here at Casa de Rayner, and so once again no in progress starting on. Sigh . . . unhappy yet true. We did have a juicy grill up at a cafeteria this sunrise . . . yet other than which we’ve usually eaten ripened offspring and cereal today. we consider it will be toast and jam for tea, yet that’s regularly great and something we both like. After the grill up, something elementary and non-fattening is in order!

I suspicion it would be fun to do a turn up of my tip of the pop’s categorical plate recipes. These have been the meals which we cook again and again. we can see which joy food plays a unequivocally large partial . . . hmmm . . . we consternation what which says about me??? Sometimes it’s great to do a review of things . . . we consider so at any rate. ☺

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

What can we say. I’ve regularly been a large air blower of Fish & Chips. we consider they ambience improved in the North West as compared to the ones we used to get in the South, and we can’t go to the strand yet carrying them. Preferably eaten on the pier, seeking out to sea and doused in salt and malt vinegar. Of course, creation them at home is many appropriate of all.

Cottage Pie with Potato Cobbles

Cottage Pie is a genuine prime with my beef and potatoes amatory father and he generally desired this chronicle we done regulating additional gaunt beef chop . . . lots of onions, leeks and juicy carrots, swede and peas, all in a abounding gravy and surfaced with poetic potato cobbles and cheese.

Sticky Bangers with Buttermilk and Chive Mash

There is zero tastier or some-more pleasing than a great Butcher’s pig Banger . . . and when we mix them with a gummy fruity glitter and a little abounding buttermilk and chive crushed spuds we have something which is unequivocally special indeed!

Macaroni Shepherd’s Pie

Double the wish and joy with your prime lamb and veg stuffing surfaced with luciously abounding macaroni and cheese. What some-more could any one want! Different, easy and oh so tasty!

Perfectly Cooked Roast Beef

We have a little of the many appropriate beef in the universe here in the UK, and with my foolproof approach to cook it, we have been guarenteed to have a juicy fry beef cooking each singular time. Tasty, proposal and succulent. we similar to a station rib fry many appropriate of all, yet this process will work with any roasting cut. we guarantee!

Simple Pot Roasted Chicken

A deliciously wet pot roasted chicken served with copiousness of veg and a juicy au jus. Heartily authorized by my “Mr Darcy!” It might not demeanour similar to many yet it is unequivocally proposal and moist. We similar to it with roasted potatoes, sprouts and crushed carrots and parsnips. Who doesn’t adore a juicy fry chicken and this, in my common opinion, is one of the unequivocally many appropriate recipes ever!

Cod Fish Cakes and Tartar Sauce

Moist fish cakes, frail on the outward and with no fillers, flavoured with uninformed tarragon and served with a juicy homemade horseradish tartar sauce. This is one of the all time favourites, and so many tastier than those solidified fish cakes we buy in the shops.

Lancashire Hot Pot

British Tradition at it’s unequivocally best. This is the good, aged fashioned, stodge which never fails to please. Simple flavours, beautifully put together. This is what the UK is all about.

Not Your Mama’s Spag Bol

Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the UK’s many dear meals and creates weekly appearances in a lot of homes over here. My father hates pasta . . . he’s unequivocally aged fashioned in which way, carrying been brought up during the war. Pasta is unfamiliar food to him and he unequivocally prefers traditional dishes. He does similar to this yet . . . as prolonged as we ladle it over mash. we consider everybody over here has their own “secret” recipe for Spag Bol. This is mine. It’s a cranky between Spag Bol and Chili, and quite, utterly juicy if we do not contend so myself!!

Chicken Curry with Rice

You only can’t kick a great curry and we do hold which curry has overtaken only about each plate as Britain’s prime dish, even Roast Beef. (Although we do have to contend we do adore the Roast Dinners with a passion!) I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to curry . . . preferring cave a bit on the milder side, yet amatory it all the same. Chicken or lamb . . . fish or vegetable. Curry is one of the favourites. This is a poetic low fat one with a pleasing further of spinach for combined colour, hardness and flavour. (We similar to Green Thai Curry as well!

Pssstt!! We additionally adore a unequivocally great Lamb Curry as well. This sold recipe is unequivocally great indeed.

I only beheld something is glaringly absent here . . . a Tasty Fish Pie. Time to pill that. Look for one soon!!!

Up next, my turn up of my tip ten prime British Puds!

Happy read My Top of the Pop’s (Dinner correct which is!) strange here: The English Kitchen

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