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Autumn is a great time for Japanese seafood as a lot of the fish are rich with fat. This time of year we love sanma, both as sashimi, or simply salted and grilled. Katsuo done tataki-style, seared on the outside and rare on the inside, calls out for some shochu or nihonshu. And when it gets really cold, Shinji loves kanburi, or the winter buri (Japanese amberjack) rich with fat and as sashimi. 
This list of November seafood is short as I don’t have a lot of time at the moment, but I do hope to update it later this month along with links to photo of the seafood.
Akagarei - flathead flounder (Hippoglossoides dubius)
Ara – rock cod (Nuphonspinosus)
Buri –Japanese amberjack (Seriola quinqueradiata)
Chidai – crimsonsea bream (Evynnisjaponica)
Ginsake – cohosalmon (Oncorhynchuskisutch)
Hamadai – rubysnapper (Eteliscoruscans)
Hokke – arabesquegreenling (Pleurogrammusazonus)
Katsuo –bonito or skipjack tuna (Katsuwonuspelamis)
Kawahagi – thread-sailfilefish (Stephanolepiscirrhifer)
Kurigani –helmet crab (Telmessuscheiragonus)
Medai – Japanesebutterfish (Hyperoglyphejaponica)
MishimaOkoze – Japanesestargazer (Uranoscopusjaponicus)
Mizudako – NorthPacific giant octopus (Octopus dofleini)
Sanma – Pacificsaury (Cololabissaira)
Shishamo – Japaneselongfin smelt (Spirinchuslanceolatus)
Yanaginomai –yellow-body rockfish (Sebastes steindachneri)

source: Japanese Cuisine – Cooking Japanese Food at Home

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