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Tuesday, November 15th 2011. | Food

food contaminated with bacteria 360x270 Identify Spoiled Food

food contaminated with bacteria

The fact Foods that are contaminated with bacteria harmful to health. Let’s identify spoiled food that has been around you!

Here is a brief review, identify spoiled food as reported by eHow for you.

Foods that do not smell, do not you think it is not contaminated with bacteria. Therefore, look closely when faced meat or fish that have been smelling.

All foods that have high water content, whether it has been processed or are still in a raw state. With a high water content, meaning can lead to the emergence of fungi in foods. Things like this are often found in foods cheese, bread, cakes, and meat.

Try if you have a meal with plenty of water content such as cheese, pasta, jam, bread, then you should immediately eat because the food durability only lasted up to 4 days.

Fruits and vegetables are delicious when eaten raw, just like the meat that is processed by burning but with half-baked level. You also have to be careful because not all processed food is still raw, good for the body because it still contains bacteria that has not been destroyed during the cooking process.

In order to maintain the integrity of the food, you are advised to eat them after processing because it is still fresh and new was over cooked. You are advised also do not dwell on the expiration date when purchasing food products. Food can be contaminated with bacteria, although there are limits on the use of food products you buy.

spoiled food 360x270 Identify Spoiled Food

spoiled food

stale food 360x270 Identify Spoiled Food

stale food

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