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August 12, 2011
Featherlight Wholewheat Cake in Healthy Recipes blog. I’ve had this tiny book in my bookcase(s) for a whilst now. It’s one that we picked up one time when we were on vacation a National Trust Place. It’s called

good old-fashioned
cakes, by Jane Pettigrew

I adore to crop by the books in the Shop each time we go to National Trust places and fundamentally we finish up bringing one home with me some-more mostly than not! They’re customarily unequivocally great books, filled with traditional and chronological recipes.

This one contains some-more than 60 recipes for cakes and tarts, from abounding ripened offspring cakes to chocolate cakes to flans and all in between.

Included as good have been traditional teatime favourites such as Maids of Honour and Seed Cake, and this poetic tiny cake we see here today.

Featherlight Wholewheat Cake. we suspicion it would be rational and a bit opposite than the common fare. we was right. It is rational and nonetheless at the same time unequivocally light and incredibly wet as well!! That contingency be since of the brown sugar. That regularly produces a cake with a wet crumb.

It has a tasty cream cheese stuffing and frosting, that is usually stogged full of toasted walnut bits. Garnished with total walnuts, it creates a unequivocally flattering cake for your teatime table.

The covering of jam is my own addition. we used a seedless hiss jam . . . since we similar to jam and we generally similar to jam in the center of cakes. ‘Nuff said!

Some other offerings in the book are: 17th Century Honey Cake, Banana and Pineapple Cake, Boiled Whiskey Cake, Dorothy Wordsworth’s Favourite Cake, Coffee and Drambuie Meringues, Paradise Slice, Norfo Tart, Kentish Pudding Pies . . . to name usually a few.

I have to contend we adore exploring the traditional recipes of the UK. Not usually is it interesting, though it’s additionally a rsther than scrummy entertainment as well!

*Featherlight Wholewheat Cake*
Makes one 7 in. two-layer cake
Printable Recipe

This is usually a tiny cake, usually undiluted for a tea party. With the topping carrying been made with cream cheese,
it is best eaten on the day. Store any leftovers in the refrigerator.

For the cake:
4 ounces butter, malleable (1/2 cup)
4 ounces soft light brown sugarine (1/2 cup packed)
2 vast giveaway range eggs, separated
1 TBS cold water
4 ounces total wheat self raising flour, sifted (1 cup)
(Be certain not to chuck the bran divided after sifting, stir this back in)

For the stuffing and icing:
7 ounces low fat cream cheese
2 ounces topping sugar, sifted (1/2 cup)
3 ounces toasted walnuts, chopped (a meagre cup)

To Decorate:
9 toasted walnut halves

Preheat the oven to 180*C/350*F/ gas symbol 4. Butter dual 7 in. round sandwich tins and line the bottoms with baking paper. Butter the paper. Set aside.

Cream together the butter and sugarine until light and fluffy. Beat together the eggs yolks and water. Beat in to the creamed mixture, violence it in hard. Fold in the flour. Whisk the egg whites until stiff. Fold in. Divide the reduction similarly amongst the rebuilt tins. Bake for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Turn out onto a handle shelve to cold completely.

Beat together the ingredients for the stuffing until light and fluffy. When the cake is utterly cold, place one layer, right side up on a plate. Spread with half of the filling. Top with the other cake, right side up and ice with the superfluous icing. Decorate with half walnuts. Cut in to wedges to serve.

Note: we combined a covering of seedless hiss jam on the bottom covering prior to we put on the walnut cream cheese filling. Fabulous addition! Tags: , , ,