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Post On: 21 September 2011
September 21, 2011
Banana Whipped Treat… in Healthy Recipes blog.
It’s been a whilst given we have posted… kinda in a unemployment of good recipes, kinda bustling traveling, kinda not removing around to posting- a small multiple of it all! BUT… have no fear, we have a good new recipe to try!

Hats off to my sister for this one… she sent me the idea, we attempted it a couple of hours later…. and well… we have been carrying them again tonight! Super simple, unequivocally tasty, and a full of health approach to finish your day!

2 solidified bananas (frozen for at slightest an hour)
1 crater almond milk
5-6 ice cubes
small handful of walnuts & chocolate chips for topping

Simply flay your solidified bananas, put them in your Vitamix or blender with your almond divert and ice cubes and mix until whipped! Finely clout your walnuts and chocolate chips and shower (heavily!) on top!!!

Add ons?? Try a dip of peanut butter if you’re a air blower …. or a tablespoon of Flaxseed if we have been seeking for some-more essential element in your diet with a spirit of eccentric flavor! Want it some-more tawny similar to ice cream?? Lessen your volume of almond milk! Like coconut?? Use coconut divert in place of almond milk… unequivocally the options have been endless!

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